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Trust Generative AI


Trust Generative AI,
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A cutting-edge AI platform that integrates with OpenAI and Stable Diffusion to provide secure AI generative content validation and optimization.

Powered by Google Cloud Platform, Trust Generative AI leverages proprietary data for unparalleled performance, making it your best ally against your marketing challenges.


Overcoming Limitations of
AI-Generated Content

Lack of First-Party Data: Trust Generative AI helps address data bias, lack of context, and limitations in personalization by utilizing proprietary first-party data.

Lack of Real-Time Information Updates: Overcome outdated information, lack of adaptation to changes in the environment, and loss of competitiveness by leveraging external data not accessible in language models such as GPT-3 and GPT-4.

Creative Marketing with Generative AI

Personalized Content Creation: Trust Generative AI allows for the creation of innovative and personalized content, resulting in increased engagement and audience loyalty.

Improve customer service: through automatic and accurate responses, generate persuasive and appealing product descriptions, and optimize email marketing campaigns by generating relevant and engaging content for each user.



Trust Generative AI is an advanced machine learning platform built on Google Cloud Platform.

Integrates with OpenAI and Stable Diffusion (soon to be Bard).

Data for Enhanced Performance, store, validate, and optimize the outputs from generative platforms, leveraging both company-owned and external data


Trust Generative AI is a propietary technology developed by
Making Science

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